In a matter of days, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised enough funds to request recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida  — more than she raised for her own campaign. As of Friday, the Wisconsin recount is going forward. Stein insists her request is not because she believes she might have won, but because she believes the integrity of the election in these states may have been compromised.

According to Wisconsin state law, that belief is all she needs to request a recount. Wisconsin Statute § 9.01(1)(a)2.b states that the basis for requesting a recount can consist of:

“…a general statement that the petitioner believes that a mistake or fraud was committed in a specified ward or municipality in the counting and return of the votes cast for the office; or more specific grounds, such as a particular defect, irregularity, or illegality in the conduct of the election, may be listed in the petition. The petitioner shall state if this information is based on personal knowledge of the petitioner or if the petitioner believes the information to be true based on information received from other sources.”

This is not the first time Wisconsin has seen a state-wide recount. In 2011, state Supreme Court Justice candidate Joann Kloppenburg requested a recount, after which she claimed irregularities had been uncovered.

Many have noted that Ms. Stein is only requesting recounts in states where President-elect Donald Trump lost by narrow margins. Should somebody request recounts in states where Mr. Trump won by narrow margins? What do you think? Is it fair?

photo by Robert Couse-Baker