On Sunday, President-elect took to Twitter with a scathing rebuke of the integrity of our electoral process, claiming that millions of people voted illegally, presumably for Hillary.

This should not be a concern for Mr. Trump in Wisconsin, where former presidential candidate Jill Stein has successfully requested a recount. November 8 marked the first presidential election in which Wisconsin residents were required to show ID at the polls. The voter law, initially passed in 2011 under Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is considered to be among the strictest in the nation.

But what about everywhere else? While critics of voter ID laws insist that instances of fraudulent voting is rare, if the President-elect believes millions voted illegally in this election, we should all be very concerned.

I say, recounts everywhere! We the people deserve to know if Mr. Trump won the popular vote! If he has a clear mandate — winning both the electoral college and the popular vote — it could do a lot to quell some of the division in this country and shut down dissent.


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photo credit Mike Licht